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18th September 2006

I've added some snaps taken at two recent outtings. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the sell out international friendly at the newely competed Emirates stadium. South American flair was on show, and it was thorougly enjoyable experience. A few days later, I followed Brazil to White hart lane for the friendly against Wales, in which I had a seat right up close to the action. I must say I'm hooked on sports photography. After all, it is a combination of my two of my loves in this world. I will be travelling to the not-so glamourous surroundings of Earlsmead, to watch HarrowBoro, my local team, in an effort to get in some more practice without strict restrictions on equipment.

7th May 2006

Cheers to F. Freeny for his amazing London 2012 skyline render, as seen in the website banner.

22nd April 2006

I will soon be providing a system where you can purchase some high res prints from a selection of my best pictures. For a sample of the B&W section: Click Here

12th April 2006

Site wise, my coursework has gone of the rails due to long lasting illness. The deadline has passed, and I think my only option to complete this to a satisfactory grade would be to resit the year, although thats not really something I would relish. The site will continue to be updated, and will hopefully be getting a few new features. I really need some more webspace to get the high resolution pictures to show when you click on the thumbnails.

With regards to London, many of you have heard of the various skyscraper designs (which i'm obviously so fond of) planned for London. All the industry rumours suggest 2007 is the year when they will really start to break ground. London Bridge Tower is in the final stages of putting the crucial office pre-let down on paper. PwC, the largest proffesional services firm in the world, who currently occupy the buildings that will be replaced by the 306m tower, are likely to take the space, with Transport for London also having an interest. Which fits in with the Mayors policy of situating them across london next to major transport hubs.

Heron Tower is confirmed to start in 2007. Bear in mind this design has been floating around before the turn of the millenium. British Land have hinted that 122 Leadenhall will also start in late 2007, keeping in line with their policy to deliver one major city project ever year. Broadgate's cranes are starting to rise on the northern city fringe. Residential towers in London look like the growth industry, with Millharbour in the docklands well underway, and the now infamous Multiplex looking to build a mouth watering tower as part of the regeneraton of Elephant and Castle. The St Georges development in Vauxhall, right next to the well known MI6 HQ only needs 2 more apartment sales in its prelimenary development before work can start on the 180m tall St Georges Wharf residential tower.

Canary Wharf is also starting fill up, with very presitgious clients such as KPMG taking space in some of the last office space avaliable. The CW group are now likely to continue with the next phases of the revelutionary development. Wood Wharf, Riverside and Crossharbour likely to be the next developments. North Quay is still under question as long as politicians still ponder the Crossrail development. Whilst the Columbus development suffered a set back with the death of its major financial backer.

Many will say, why are these buildings so important? Just look at the impact of the Gherkin. This is the face of new London, a city where growing outwards it simply not an option. Londons frustraiting planning procedures have produced only the best designs possible, to make sure the mistakes of post war development aren't repeated. A trip to your local estate agents will also make it clear that high rise residentials are the future for such a global city, where demand for a home in the city outstrips supply.

Photography wise, I'm just about to purchase a tripod, which will allow for much sharper and composed images.

24th February 2006

First, long awaited news update of the new year, and I thought I'd give an update on one of the major construction projects in the country. My next assignment will be to give Wembley a slightly better press coverage than it is receiving right now. I will banish the myths of 'expense' and expose the factors, beyond control, that has delayed the project. And maybe a bit on how its in the interests of the media to criticise everything in this country. Fact of the matter is, we are getting a world class stadium, ready for 2006, for only £180m of public money. In Comparison, the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, which has many critics (internal), cost in excess of 300m of public money.

Whilst London's two biggest progects at the moment are taking place in London's sururbs (T5 and Wembley) The new Willis HQ in the heart of the financial capital of the world is progressing nicely


Image Courtesy of Mace


The tallest core is now up to level 18, and so there is a 10 floors yet to go until it tops out. External detailing will start to be installed in the next few weeks. For those wanting to visit, as you can see from the webcam, it is literally a few yards away from 30 St Mary Axe, adjacent to the world famous Lloyds Insurance HQ, and directly opposite the Arriva HQ.

21st October 2005

Haven't really had a chance to get around London with the new camera, but I've taken some at the LWC for a test-run. They'll be up in the Wildlife section in a few days.

15th October 2005

And its arrived, fantastic as expected.

14th October 2005

Have finally purchased a digital SLR. After the deal I was looking at for the S5500 ran out, I was able to get the S5600, the successor, after receiving a nice bonus from EMA. With everything I need, so I should get that on monday :) Was dissapointed not to have got it today, as I get Friday afternoons off.

7th October 2005

Have been experimenting with B&W photography and I must say I'm lovin it. Will get the results up soonish.

5th October 2005

Well I've received my domain certificate from nominet, no news on how to use the thing though. Just snapped some more photos the other day which will be up soonish.

30th September 2005

Site wise, I like it at last. Probably. Domain Wise, still no details. Sever wise, the school will provide ASP hosting, which is excelllent. Camera wise, still scowering ebay for a digital SLR.