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London was the birthplace of capitalism, and it still a major global financial hub today. Home to many of the worlds banks and financial institutions. From 18th century ornate Banking Halls to Ultra-Modern high tec Skyscrapers, London has it all.


London was once known as the city of churches, many were destroyed by the fire and German Bombers, but churches are dotted all across London.


Despite stereotypes of a mass urban sprawl of concrete. London contains many wildlife reserves, areas of scientific interest and more parks than any other city of its size. Nearly 40% of London is green .


London is the capital of UK sport, and contains numerous stadia that is considered the finest in the world.


Once the capital of the largest empire on earth, the city is still the symbol of a massively influencial country wielding Economic, Political and Cultural power of a global scale.


London is a triving metropolis home to over 7million people from around the world. See it through the eyes of a londoner.


London is set to host the 2012 olympic games after having beaten other world class cities such as Paris, New York, Moscow and Madrid to the award. Watch the transformation of a large area of industrial wasteland into world class sporting facillities.


London has the largest and most comprehensive public transportation of any city in the world. After years of negligence and under-investment, the system is improving every-day and still provides a quick, cheap and effecient doorway to the greatest city on earth.


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